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More details on the Nat Geo Adventure workshop will be added shortly. In the meanwhile we can confirm that the following:

Ian Burton from Posing Productions: "Guerrilla Filmaking, How to Win a Losing Battle" Ian has recently returned from from filming some of the world's best mountain climbers scale Mount Asgard on Baffin Island, Canada.

Dave Cornthwaite, Adventurer - The Great Big Paddle - Dave is currently kayaking the entire course of Australia's longest river, the Murray, in a quest to highlight how climate change and human activity is destroying this important water source. Dave is also planning to paddle board from London to Morocco, as well as the course of the Amazon!!

Gill Williams Award-winning travel and conservation journalist Gill Williams, Editorial Director at Greentravelguides.tv, has been campaigning for responsible tourism since the early eighties. Now someone's listening.

Sam McConnell worked in Namibia and Botswana as a guide on 78 safaris in the fairly hostile environments and sometimes "biblical" weather of the Namib and Kalahari deserts from 1996. In 2002 he walked solo, without comm.'s and unsupported across the dune sea of the Namib Desert - the highest and oldest dunes in the world. For this he was honoured with a fellowship at the Royal Geographical Society as well as a documentary broadcast worldwide. For the last five years he has been concentrating on running expeditions, treks, and desert leadership programmes in the Sinai, where last September Sam finished his 101st desert expedition.

Saturday 30 January

11am Edo Passarella - Arctic Adventure / Italian Travel Writer 
1pm Gill Williams - Green Adventure Travel
3pm Sam McConnell - Desert Expeditions
5pm Ian Burton - Guerilla Filmmaking & Mountain Climbing

Sunday 31 January

11am Edo Passarella - Arctic Adventure / Italian Travel Writer
1pm Dave Cornthwaite - The Big Paddle, Australia
3pm Sam McConnell - Desert Expeditions